Contactless and Cashless mobile payment.

Contactless and Cashless mobile payment. Intexpay is a contactless and cashless mobile payment solution using of crypto moneys that is known to be included in intexCoin and is trusted on the market. Intexpay is a payment tool that aims to be a payment instrument for all sectors in parallel with the development process of crypto moneys. Intexpay is designed in a flexible, developable and a secure structure.

Intexpay has been developed in a structure that will provide fund on crypto money aid activities. With the Intexpay, you are transferred to needers through the intexcharity fund at a portion of the charity that you have selected as part of the transaction fee. You will have helped people who need it directly at every expenditure you have made with Intaxpay.


Prominent Particulars

Intexpay is transferred to the Intexcharity Direct Donation Platform as a donation as part of the transaction fee for payments made with the mobile wallet. Donations that accumulate on this platform during the day are distributed to all wristbands registered and active on the platform at the end of the day using a specific algorithm. These wristbands can be shopping exchanged at other acceptance points in vending machines or that accept intexcoin.

Fast and Secure
Smart Contract

Your payments and transfers are protected by new generation technologies. You can use it for shopping and transfers without time and limit restriction.

Reviewable Structure

As a result of shopping with Intexpay you can follow transaction fees to donation via portal.

Consumption For Goodness

The part of the transaction fees that occur after each shopping you make with Intexpay are sent directly to people in need of assistance as donations.